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Exploring DJ

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA

“Exploring DJ” course is designed for students who would like to have an in-depth understanding of playing DJ. Moreover, MB music academy students will learn the creative possibilities.

DJ with Serato

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA

If anyone strongly desires to learn DJ, enrol in the DJ with Serato course at MB music academy (MBMA). Let me tell you, the best DJs in the world use Serato to entertain their target audience.

Exploring DJ with Traktor

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA

Traktor has been the excellent edge for most global DJs for over two decades. It is beneficial to boost quality and gain ideal control of the tracks.

Keyboard-Play & Perform

Piano - Keyboard Course in India - MBMA

Keyboard Pro Skills is the advanced course in our MB music academy. The students will take their basic keyboard skills to the next level. They will get exposure to the different advanced approaches of staff and notations.

Play like a Performer

Best Guitar Course in India - MBMA

When the students enroll in our ” Play like a Performer” course, they will take their basic skills to the next level. In MB music academy, they will develop their harmony, chord structure, and rhythmic sense.

Play like a Drummer

Best Drum Playing Course in India - MBMA

If the students have been playing the drums, then “Play like a Drummer” is the right drum course. It is ideal for honing their drumming skills to find the best career opportunities.

Fundamentals of Western Vocal

Advanced Vocal Techniques - Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA

“ Fundamentals of Western Vocal” is a short-duration western vocal course. It is ideal for the students to build their practical knowledge through our western music vocal training.

Hindustani Classical for Beginners

Enroll Now - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA

Hindustani classical vocal music has added value and influenced the social culture in India. When students enroll in the Hindustani classical music for beginners course, they will have in-depth exposure to Ragas.