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Play like a Drummer


If the students have been playing the drums, then “Play like a Drummer” is the right drum course. It is ideal for honing their drumming skills to find the best career opportunities

The students will build excellent rhythmic sense and hand movements. MB music academy will empower the students to be ultimate performers. 

Our top music academy will ensure a bright future with the best drum classes. The teaching will surely convert their inner rhythms into the right beats.

Best Drum Playing Course in India - MBMA
Young Maestro
  • In our best drum course, the students will get exposure to paradiddles and their combination with single & double strokes.
  • The students will master the skills of flam stroke and drag rudiments at our drum courses for intermediate.
  • MBMA students will get in-depth practical knowledge of Syncopation in our drum classes in India.
  • They will develop the skills of time signature in our best music academy.
  • The student will be able to produce a thicker and longer-sounding note from our top music academy.
  • MBMA students will have the ability to feel the music sound with the help of knowing Syncopation by attending our career oriented music classes.
  • In our drum classes, the students will possess the skills to make smooth transitions between various note rates.
  • After learning Moeller Technique, they will have the best techniques to produce incredible power, speed, and fluidity.
Topic Covered
Subdivisions for Creative fills
Introduction to Moeller Technique
Subdivisions for Creative fills
Introduction to Moeller Technique
Prerequisites of the Course
  • To enrol in our young maestro drum course, the students should possess basic skills.
  • It is mandatory to have their drum set to ensure practical learning.
Best Playing Drum Classes in India - MBMA
Best Drum Course for Kids in India - Top Music Academy India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MBMA is the first career oriented music academy in India with industry veterans.
  • We offer LMS (Learning Management System) as an online session to support distance studies.
  • Our mentor’s connection with Bollywood will help the students find career opportunities
  • Converting the weakness into strengths is one of the primary motives for career development.
  • The academic content has demonstration videos, pictures, and assignments to ensure effective learning.
Career Scope after the course completion
Best Drumming Classes in India - Best Music Academy India - MBMA

After attending our drum classes in Mumbai and other places in India, the students will be awarded a course certificate. So, they will have career scope in the recording studios.

Best Drumming Classes in India - MBMA

MBMA students have the career scope to join the band for the music business.

Best Drumming Course in India - MBMA

They can undertake a job of teaching drums in the music institute after graduating from our MB music academy.

Drumming Course in India - MBMA

The students can build a career path by being professional freelancers. Furthermore, it will give them a decent income as per their skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a drummer’s personality?

The persona of a professional drummer is passion and desire. It is vital to give consistent time to practice the skills for improvement. The serious commitment keeping you going.

How do you play like a professional drummer?

You can play like a professional drummer by honing your skills in drum strokes and rudiments. It needs daily practice and learning.

What does the drum beat symbolize?

According to different cultures, the drum beat symbolizes the connection of spirits between earth and heaven. When the drummers play, they change the world with positive energies.