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Exploring DJ with Traktor


Traktor has been the excellent edge for most global DJs for over two decades. It is beneficial to boost quality and gain ideal control of the tracks. 

Exploring DJ with Traktor is a beneficial course if any student wants to start a DJ career. Furthermore, they will achieve success since it is career oriented music course in India.

MB music academy students will master the technical aspects of playing DJ. In this DJ learning course, the students will get exposure to the latest and old tools to develop creativity.

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA
  • In our DJ training course, the students will learn the crucial fundamentals of DJ to become a star performer.
  • The students will get exposure to music file management to create incredible energy for the set-ups in DJ classes.
  • In the DJ training academy, they will master the ways to organize the loop, equalizer, FX, and playlist.
  • In the music classes in India, a student will get familiar with the different software of the Tracktor and other functions in the DJ course.
  • After completing this DJ course, the student will be well-versed with the Traktor DJ software.
  • A student enrolled in this course will have the ability to develop creative mixtapes. 
  • MBMA students will have the practical knowledge to collect, organize and analyze the tracks in music classes in India.
  • They will be well-versed with the new tools and become creative to seek best career opportunities.
Topic Covered
Software pertaining to Traktor
Learn the different styles of music
Control of the Equalizer, loops, and tempo
Recording process with the DJ set-up
Software pertaining to Traktor
Learn the different styles of music
Control of the Equalizer, loops, and tempo
Recording process with the DJ set-up
Prerequisites of the Course
  • A student needs to be eight years old to enroll in this exploring DJ with Traktor course.
  • MB music academy students should own some basic DJ equipment for practical assignments and learning.
Best DJ Training Course in India - MBMA
Best DJ Training Institute in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • We are best music academy in India that will mentor and influence the next generations of DJ stars.
  • We have developed hybrid music programs for schools in India. So, the teaching method is focused on online and offline.
  • Our learning Management System (LMS) content is fascinating and easy for the student to grasp knowledge in the DJ training course.   
  • The industry veterans will pass their experience to the students. For sure, it will create tremendous confidence to accomplish career goals.
  • MB music academy is associated with the Bollywood industry, where students will find more career opportunities.
Career Scope after the course completion
DJ Training Course in India - MBMA

A qualified student will have the career scope of becoming a nightclub DJ at local places or five-star hotels.

DJ Pro Skills and Techniques Course in India - MBMA

A professional DJ also has a scope to become a music producer that will boost creativity.

DJ Professional Training Course in India - MBMA

This DJ course-certified students can organize concerts depending on their popularity, skills, and talent.

Career After DJ Training - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA

They can associate themselves with movie songs and other famous artists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do DJs still use Traktor?

Mobile DJs prefer virtual DJs. When it comes to techno and house, Traktor is best in several ways.

Is Traktor DJ any good?

Traktor is best because it is free online. It is helpful due to the available digital software if you want to start as a DJ.

How do you analyze songs in Traktor?

You can analyze the songs in Traktor with the following process below:

  • Load the Traktor.
  • Choose the particular folder having the tracks in it.
  • Select the folder for analysis.
  • Wait patiently, and you will find your tracks analyzed.