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Keyboard-Play & Perform


“Keyboard-Play & Perform” is a short-term introductory course. We aim to ensure that the MB music academy students get familiarised with the keyboard. 

In addition, our faculty will get them well-versed with the instrument’s fundamentals. This keyboard course will benefit the students to approach it correctly. So, the students can start their musical journey as rising stars. 

It is the best keyboard course for those who want to take their basic keyboard skills to the next level.

Piano - Keyboard Course in India - MBMA
  • In our keyboard classes, the students will get building blocks to create their style.
  • They will master the chords present on the keyboard in our career oriented music classes.
  • MBMA students will get practical insight into keyboard fingering, chord inversion, and other functions.
  • In our best music academy, they will learn the art of significant chord progression.
  • The students will have the ability to perform the different genres like rock, blues, jazz, and funk in our keyboard classes.
  • In our top music academy, they will possess the skills to transcribe chord progression, rhythms, and advanced piano parts.
  • MBMA students will develop energetic control over the weighted keys in our best keyboard course
  • They will have the ability to perform smoothly on the keyboard. Thus, showcasing excellency in the techniques at keyboard course in India.
Topic Covered
Primary functions of the keyboard
Different notes
Chord structure
Finger positions
Chord progression
Primary functions of the keyboard
Different notes
Chord structure
Finger positions
Chord progression
Prerequisites of the Course
  • The students should be eight years old or above. 
  • They need to own a basic keyboard instrument. It is to ensure practical learning in our music classes in India.
Best Keyboard Playing Classes in India - MBMA
Best Keyboard Classes in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MB music academy is the first career oriented music academy in India.
  • It is the top music academy with the finest industry veterans who will inspire the next generations of superstars. 
  • We focus on online course sessions and music programs for schools. So, our education follows the hybrid form of teaching students.
  • Our team converts the student’s weaknesses into strengths in our music classes in India.  
  • The session content is relatively easy and engaging for the students. The sole purpose is to encourage new learnings.
Career Scope after the course completion
Best Keyboard Classes in India - Top Music Academy India - MBMA

As MBMA pass-outs, the students can seek career opportunities in the Bollywood industry.

Top Keyboard Courses in India - Best Music Academy India - MBMA

They can associate themselves with recording artists worldwide.

Top Keyboard Courses in India - MBMA

Keyboard certified professional will have career scope in joining opera or pop band.

Best Keyboard Courses in India - MBMA

The students can start their business at weddings, functions, and other live events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you play a keyboard professionally?

Following are the steps to play a keyboard:

  • Proper posture
  • Master basic piano skills
  • Ensure consistency in improvements

What are the three types of music keyboards?

There are several types of music keyboards. The most common types are organ, piano, and electronic keyboards.


Which keyboard is best for stage performance?

There are many keyboards in the global market. However, we recommend the following keyboards as best:

  • Rolland FA-07
  • Korg Kronos
  • Nord electro 6D
  • Rolland FP 90x
  • Yamaha MX88