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Fundamentals of Western Vocal


“ Fundamentals of Western Vocal” is a short-duration western vocal course. It is ideal for the students to build their practical knowledge through our western music vocal training

Moreover, enhance their vocal skills to the next level. The enrolled students will get insights on vocal exercises in a short time. Our top music mentors will teach the skills of listening and voice in our western vocal training. The sessions are designed with practical assignments to make the learning enjoyable.

Advanced Vocal Techniques - Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA
Young Maestro
  • In our western singing classes, MBMA students will get exposure to the concepts of breathing techniques.
  • MB music academy students will learn practical vocal exercises to build great vocal techniques.
  • The students will learn the ways to develop the vocal range in western vocal classes in India.  
  • MBMA mentors will teach the students on effective practice strategies in our top music academy.
  • MBMA students will sound clear and engaging. It is because on learning about Diaphragmatic breathing in our western vocal classes.
  • After attending our western music voice training, the students will have the ability to sing high and low notes easily.
  • The students will practice well after learning the best strategies in our western vocal classes.
  • The students will have a melodious voice in western vocal training. It is because of learning the different vocal range exercises.
Topic Covered
Different breathing Techniques
Vocal exercises to improve the tune
Development of vocal ranges
Practice strategies
Concepts of vocal anatomy
Different breathing Techniques
Vocal exercises to improve the tune
Development of vocal ranges
Practice strategies
Concepts of vocal anatomy
Prerequisites of the Course

The students need to possess some basic skills in singing before enrolling in our western vocal course.

Western Vocal - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA
Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MBMA not only focuses on online western singing classes but also has music programs for schools.
  • We are the only top music academy that has career oriented music courses in India.
  • Our content is relatively easy and engaging for students to motivate new learning in our music classes in India.  
  • The faculty converts the weakness of the students into strengths to develop their careers. 
  • Besides theoretical knowledge, our team believes in a practical approach to learning.
Career Scope after the course completion
Career as Playback Singer in Bollywood - Advanced Western Vocal Course - MBMA

MBMA students can find career opportunities in Bollywood as playback singers.

Fundamental of Western Vocal Course online in India - MBMA

With skills learned in this maestro-level course, they can build a massive fanbase on social media platforms. It will help them develop connections with industry veterans.

Voice it Like a Pro - Western Vocal - MBMA

MB music academy students can build their business by singing at birthday or wedding functions.

Western Vocal Course - Top Musical Institute in India - MBMA

The students can get a record label deal after completing our western music vocal training.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you sing western Style?

You can sing in a western Style by following the vocal techniques below:

  • Prephonatory exercises
  • Placement
  • Resonance
  • Breath support
  • Phrasing
  • Legato 
  • Staccato  
  • Agility
  • Range extension 
  • Vowel clarity
  • Consonants

What are the five fundamentals of singing?

The five fundamentals of singing are given below:

  • Diction
  • Pitch
  • Breath
  • Voice
  • Rhythm

What do we learn in Western music?

We learn the techniques, vocal exercises, and breath control in western music.

Can I learn Western music?

Yes. You can learn western music. The combination of west vocal music and Hindustani classical will build a strong foundation for vocals. Moreover, you will find several genres of music to learn like instruments, DJ, music production and more.