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Play like a Performer


When the students enroll in our ” Play like a Performer” course, they will take their basic skills to the next level. In MB music academy, they will develop their harmony, chord structure, and rhythmic sense.

They will learn to switch between difficult chords with ease in our best music academy. The enrolled students will develop muscles to play smoothly.

Our mentors will teach them the techniques of playing major scales. Certainly, this guitar course is the stepping stone towards advanced skills.

Best Guitar Course in India - MBMA
Young Maestro
  • MB music academy students will learn the rudimentary exercises to strengthen the arm, hands, and fingers.
  • They will master the,” Pick” and,” fret” hand techniques. In addition, the basics of fingerpicking in our best guitar course.
  • The students will learn the barring techniques in our guitar classes. Furthermore, barre chords for improvisation.
  • They will grasp the simpler ways of learning the staff notations and music theory in music classes in India.
  • The students will be able to play difficult melodies with skills and various pulses in the guitar course.
  • In our best guitar learning course, they will play better. Thus, using the proper techniques of hand movements and posture.
  • After learning the different Syncopation, they will be able to add spice to the rhythms in our guitar classes.
  • The students will master the time signatures in our career oriented music course. It will match the musical beats with time.
  • They will possess the skills to phrase the musical notes in a smooth flow. Thus, not breaking the between notes in our best music academy.
Topic Covered
Rudiments and Finger Convention
Interval Names
Partial Barring Power Chords. All Open Chords. F, B Maj, and F, B min Chords
Finger Strumming
Rudiments and Finger Convention
Interval Names
Partial Barring Power Chords. All Open Chords. F, B Maj, and F, B min Chords
Finger Strumming
Prerequisites of the Course
  • The students should have a guitar instrument before enrolling in our top music academy in India.
  • It is vital to have interest and commitment to new learnings.
Guitar Course in India - MBMA
Best Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MBMA is the top music academy in India with industry experts to nurture young talents.
  • We help the students to seek career opportunities since it is the career oriented music academy in India.
  • Our course content focuses on a practical approach. So, we have assignments, demonstrations, and pictures for the students.
  • This top music academy in Mumbai has a hybrid system of education. That means, our teaching involves online and offline.
  • Our interactive live sessions help the students to clear their doubts. Furthermore, fill in the gaps in their performance.
Career Scope after the course completion
Advanced Guitar Courses in India - MBMA

As MBMA pass-outs, the students will find career opportunities in joining well-renowned bands.

Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA

They have a career scope in the Bollywood industry by collaborating with music production.

Advanced Guitar Institute in India - MBMA

The students can build a solo business career by combining guitar and vocals. The business can be developed for weddings, functions, and live events.

Top Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA

They can associate themselves with the recording artists to gain recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a performance play?

A performance play is a stage where a performer or the performers present their art to their target audience. The combination of music and drama on the live stage is called play.

How would you describe a performer?

A performer is the professional who entertains the crowed. The examples are musicians, singers, actors, magicians etc. The performance platforms involve television, social media, films, opera etc