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Music for Healthcare

Music For Healing Course in India - MBMA

“Music for Healthcare” is a music therapy course. It focuses on sound and music in healthcare. Our music therapy training involves evidence-based tools, techniques, and concepts.

Power Skills with Ableton LIVE 11

Best Music Production with Ableton LIVE 11 Courses in India - MBMA

If the students are well-versed with the basic music production skills with Ableton Live 11, this course is about spreading their wings.Our power skills with Ableton live 11 courses will expose the best techniques and tools for the MB music academy students.

Ableton DJ Advanced

Ableton DJ Advanced Course in India - MBMA

Ableton has evolved over the last 15 years. Let me tell you; it is quite popular with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Professional DJs and music producers widely use them.

Keyboard Pro Skills

Piano - Keyboard Course in India - MBMA

Keyboard Pro Skills is the advanced course in our MB music academy. The students will take their basic keyboard skills to the next level. They will get exposure to the different advanced approaches of staff and notations.

Advanced Guitar Skills

Best Guitar Course in India - MBMA

Several students play many songs by looking at the tabs or chords on the internet. However, they have a goal to play guitar like a pro. So, these students can join, the” Advanced Guitar Skills” course in our MB music academy.

Drumming like a Pro

Best Drum Playing Course in India - MBMA

Does a student have the desire to become a drum professional? So, enrolling in the “Drumming like a Pro” course at our MB music academy will be wise.

Advanced Vocal Techniques

Advanced Vocal Techniques - Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA

“Advanced Vocal Techniques” course is ideal for the students’ desire to upgrade their basic skills. In our western vocal course, they will explore the theoretical and practical concepts.

Hindustani Classical Advanced

Enroll Now - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA

Hindustani vocal music course in India is essential for the students to develop a great foundation for a professional career in singing. When students enroll in Hindustani Classical Advanced in MBMA, they will be proficient in Hindustani classical vocal.