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Drumming like a Pro


Does a student have the desire to become a drum professional? So, enrolling in the “Drumming like a Pro” course at our MB music academy will be wise. 

Our best drum course will prepare the students to be performers at live shows and recordings. They will see themselves evolving as a drummer in no time. 

The academic sessions will cover the advanced techniques of drums. The students will have the potential to hit the stage that has the spotlight.

Best Drum Playing Course in India - MBMA
  • In our drum classes, the students will develop muscle memory related to paradiddles. 
  • They will practically learn to maintain time in our career oriented music classes. The students will learn the warm-up exercises like 4/4 time to play the drum with full potential. 
  • The best music teachers will teach them the 4/4 beat and 3/4 beat in our drum classes in India. So, they can swing the songs. 
  • In our top music academy, the students will have the ability to read the notes and play beats.
  • The students will have the skills to make the beats feel groovier. It is because they will master the basic rock groove in our drum classes in India.
  • After learning the play drum fills, they will be excellent at ending the musical phrases.
  • The students will develop the techniques to accompany their drum beats with suitable music in our best drum course.
Topic Covered
The advanced concepts of paradiddles
Techniques to keep time
Make a swing by playing 3/4 over a 4/4 beat
Skills to develop hand strength
The advanced concepts of paradiddles
Techniques to keep time
Make a swing by playing 3/4 over a 4/4 beat
Skills to develop hand strength
Prerequisites of the Course
  • The enrolling students need to have own instruments to ensure practical learning. 
  • The interested students must possess some basic skills in playing the drum.
Best Playing Drum Classes in India - MBMA
Best Drum Course for Kids in India - Top Music Academy India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • Besides teaching, MBMA is the only career oriented music academy in India.
  • It is the best music academy in India with industry experts to inspire the next generation of talents. 
  • Our content consists of pictures and videos to demonstrate the examples of the music classes in India.
  • The music teachers believe in a practical approach in our music education.
  • We have formed a hybrid system of learning. That means, the students can enrol and learn online. Otherwise, register in our MB music academy through music programs for schools.
Career Scope after the course completion
Drumming Course in India - MBMA

After completing our drumming course, the students will have career scope in associating with musical shows.

Best Drumming Classes in India - Best Music Academy India - MBMA

The students can develop their singing business by performing at weddings and other functions.

Best Drumming Course in India - MBMA

They can find career opportunities in collaborating with the top artists.

Best Drumming Classes in India - MBMA

Once they pass out from our top music academy, they can join a music band.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you play as same as a professional drummer?

You can play the drums like a pro with the following tips below:

  1. Daily practice
  2. Learn slowly with steadiness
  3. Follow the examples of other professional drummers.
  4. Maintain your fitness and diet.
  5. Daily perform the exercise to build your hand strength.

What Kind of Persona does a Drummer Have?

The persona of a great drummer is passion and commitment to achieving the top levels. Even if there are obstacles, the commitment keeps them going with self-satisfaction.

What Makes a Great Drummer?

A great drummer will have incredible technical strokes, musical sense, and dynamics. Most importantly, they possess the art of listening and understanding the beats beyond music.

What Does Drumming Do to the Brain?

When you play the drum instrument, it will release the” Good-feel” dopamine. The body stimulation and musical vibration gives relief from negative emotions.