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Advanced Guitar Skills


Several students play many songs by looking at the tabs or chords on the internet. However, they have a goal to play guitar like a pro. So, these students can join, the” Advanced Guitar Skills” course in our MB music academy.

This advanced guitar course will get exposure to the basic theory of how scales and chords. Moreover, they will learn about the aspiring guitarist and the creation of rhythmic structures. 

The enrolled students will develop great confidence by mastering the advanced guitar techniques.

Best Guitar Course in India - MBMA
  • MB music academy students will learn effective listening exercises.
  • In our guitar classes, they will grasp to memorize the entire fretboard on standard tuning.
  • The students will master the chords, scales, and phrasing in our guitar course with ease.
  • MBMA students will fill in their gaps in the basic skills. Moreover, they will continuously improve in our career oriented music classes.
  • In our best guitar course, the students will have the skills to change the chords smoothly. Thus, the music will sound accurate and crisp.
  • They will have the ability to strum any song with ease in our top music academy.
  • After mastering the shapes of the CAGED system, they will be producing unique music in this best guitar learning course.
  • They will be able to match the guitar music with other instruments and vocals in our guitar classes.
Topic Covered
Musical theory
Guitar chords and scales
The fretboard on standard tuning
Rhythmic techniques
Musical theory
Guitar chords and scales
The fretboard on standard tuning
Rhythmic techniques
Prerequisites of the Course
  • The students need to own a guitar to ensure practical learning in our guitar course in India.
  • It is necessary to have an uninterrupted internet connection.
Guitar Course in India - MBMA
Best Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MBMA is the first career oriented music academy in India.
  • Our best music academy has the music veterans to inspire young talents.
  • The session content is easy to understand with assignments to encourage practical learning.
  • We have a close connection with the Bollywood industry. So, our team will help the certified students to seek career opportunities.
  • Our academy teachers will convert the student’s weaknesses into strengths. It will benefit their music careers.
Career Scope after the course completion
Advanced Guitar Courses in India - MBMA

MBMA students can establish their careers in their unique vocals with guitar skills. They can also be a songwriter.

Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA

They can find career opportunities by collaborating with studio artists.

Advanced Guitar Institute in India - MBMA

The students will find scope in joining the cover bands that perform at weddings, and other events.

Top Advanced Guitar Classes in India - MBMA

They can teach students to earn income. Furthermore, start their own music classes in India.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What defines an advanced guitar player?

An advanced guitar player will understand the ideal match of chords and scales on the guitar. They have deep insight into the construction and progression of chords.

What skills do guitarists have?

The following are the skills that guitarists possess:

  • Musical theory
  • Playing as per accurate time
  • Arpeggios
  • Memorizing the guitar notes on the guitar fretboard
  • Reading the tabs on the guitar
  • Playing the right chords

How do you get advanced on guitar?

You can get advanced on guitar by mastering the following techniques below:

  • Two-hand Tapping
  • Hybrid picking
  • Pinch harmonics
  • Shredding
  • Main guitar improvisation
  • Legatos