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What is Beat Making? The important Basics for Beginners

What is Beat Making? The important Basics for Beginners - MBMA

Do you want to become a world-famous music producer? Are you confused to start with the basics? Well! Stay calm because it is common for beginners. At first, mastering the basics of beat making is crucial. 

The key is to start your learning from a reliable source or look for a teacher. However, you will find the learning process from many online sources. Let me tell you; there are several tutors across the world.

We do not want you to waste time getting confused. You might end-up implementing the wrong process. We have procured genuine information from the finest music producers. So, scroll down for more.

What Tools Do You Need to Make Beats? 

You need essential equipments to produce engaging beats to suit the lyrics. Besides a laptop or computer, it is vital to possess beat making software. You will find several of them in the market. Some are expensive, and others are budget-friendly.

1. DAW

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software is essential to record and edit beats. Moreover, you will get the facility of beat making. 

There are various DAWs in the market with different prices and quality. However, you need to purchase the one that meets your requirement and budget. You can buy plug-in depending on your budget. They are beneficial to optimize your production beats.

2. Headphones

Headphones are necessary to listen to beats. The key is to avoid outside noise distractions. You can identify the mistakes and resolve with ease. It is because headphones improves your focus. So, you can optimise the quality of beat making.

3. Sample Library

Sample library involves the list of sounds. Furthermore, you can use those sounds in beat making. It is available with percussion, melody, and drums. Your selection of a sample library depends on your music interest. 

4. Mixing and Mastering Software

Mixing is the process of modifying and assembling the beats of a track. The mixing functions are compression, equalizing, volume, and panning. Mastering is the step towards finalizing the track before its release in the market. Mastering experts will ensure 100% quality. Thus, avoiding any gaps.

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What Makes a Good Beat? 

Significantly, you need to enjoy your time in beat making. Form and implement beat-making’s overall structure in music production.

To entertain the listeners, you need to develop a balance between variation and repetition in beat making. You need to use your creative techniques to connect emotionally with the audience. Lastly, it is crucial to be unique in beat making. 

Easy Steps to Make Beats 

It is vital to research and follows efficient steps to make beats. The steps involve an investment of time and money. There are many steps. However, we have shortened the steps to make learning easy and fast.

1. Find your Music Vibe

Sit at the silent place and identify your musical vibe. In doing so, you can select beats with a suitable tempo. Tempo is essential to enhance the beat making process. It should suit the music genre you are choosing. 

2. Produce a Bass Line

Creating a bass line essential to find rhythm and tempo. Moreover, it is beneficial in chord progression. Your beat making bass line will depend on the selected music genre.

3. Include Bass Drum

After you form an engaging bass line, add a bass drum in beat making. It will include snare, kick, and hi-hats.

If the rhythm of the beats is high-pitched, you will be able to feel the” Groove.” High percussion can be a single percussion instrument to a group of percussion instruments. We recommend using hip-hop or trap in the western music.

4. Fill the Gaps in the Beat making.

Once your bassline, drum, and melody are produced, fill the gaps in beat making. We advise you to add extra beats in making the beats interesting to the audience. However, these additional beats should match the melody and bass in the track.

5. Ensure Expansion in Beat Making

Once the vital elements are on the right track, it is time to expand the beats into a track. 

In a DAW, you can modify the rhythm and section in beat making. Moreover, you can add transition effects to spice up the beats. Thus, making them enjoyable.

6. Add Melodic beats 

Adding melody in the beat making is the final process of music production. When composing melodic beats, harmony and bass line should be seriously considered. The selection of music melody depends on the music genre you select.

7. Finalizing the Beats

After adding the basic element, it is time to finalize the beats for a track. You need to combine variations and tempo. The aim is to make your track interesting. So, change the melody. 

Engage other instruments in your track. Create a unique masterpiece of music by experimenting with various rhythms and sounds.

8. Mixing and Mastering Process

In the Mixing process of beat making, listen to the songs carefully. Then, write your goals and inspiration. The goals will help you familiarise yourself with the beats and proceed effectively. 

It also involves organizing tracks. Pay close attention to adding drum beats as it is the foundation of the beat-making.

Mastering is the process of giving finishing touches before the track is released to the listeners. In mastering, make use of tools like compression and equalizer. 

You can mix the sounds using different speakers and environments. Mastering helps in giving the professional finishing touches. The key aim of mastering is to compete with other professionally mastered songs.   


We are delighted that you have got the insight on tools and process of beat making. However, implementing the information will yield you the benefits. 

To have incredible beats for a song, you need to maintain a balance between different beats and tempos. Invest in the tools that will benefit you in beat making in the long run. Thus, considering the features, quality, and budget.

Beat making is nothing but music production. If you want to build a music production career, join MB Music Academy in India. It is the first career-oriented academy with the finest music teachers. So, take a step by visiting our official website: https://mbmusicacademy.org