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Beat Boxing for Beginners


The existence of Beatboxing music is enjoyed by several individuals in the world. Beatboxing for Beginners is designed by MB music academy’s top professional experts.

When the students enroll, they will learn the right balance between practical and theoretical concepts. Thus, encouraging quality learning in them. Our top music academy has an association with top music industries.

So, MBMA students will have career opportunities in associating with the finest beatboxers. The students will master the skills of creating innovative mouth sounds.

Beat Boxing for Beginners Classes in India - MBMA
  • In our beatboxing classes, the students will learn the vital techniques of breath-controlling.
  • The students will learn the fundamentals of hi-hat sound in our beatboxing course.
  • As a beginner in beatboxing courses in India, they will practically master the K snare sound.
  • Our best music academy will expose MBMA students to learning spoken rhythm and producing the best beats from thier mouth.
  • Our music classes in India will help the students to produce Kick drum sound like,” Boom” in the best way.
  • They will have the creative skills to produce snare sound like,” Pft” from our beatboxing course.
  • MBMA students will have the incredible ability to produce Hi-hat sound like,” Ts”.
  • After mastering the basic sounds in a top music academy in Mumbai, they will have the best skills to add unique effects by producing beats.
Topic Covered
Important techniques of breath control
Hi-hat sound
K snare sound
Spoken rhythm
Beats production from the mouth
Important techniques of breath control
Hi-hat sound
K snare sound
Spoken rhythm
Beats production from the mouth
Prerequisites of the Course

The students need to possess some basic knowledge and skills in beatboxing before enrolling in our career oriented music course.

Beat Boxing for Beginners - Top Beat Boxing Course in India - MBMA
Beatboxing Classes - Top Music Academy in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MB music academy is the top music academy in India. Thus, having easy-to-understand live lessons integrated with strong audio.
  • Our students will have study materials and references in our beatboxing classes. It is to encourage effective learning.
  • We are the only first career oriented music academy in India. Thus, inspiring the next generation of superstars in the music industry.
  • MBMA has the finest music industry veterans to develop the confidence in students to achieve success in the future.
  • We provide a hybrid option for teaching the students. So, they can enroll themselves in music programs for schools. Otherwise, enroll in our music courses online through the learning management system (LMS) on the website.
Career Scope after the course completion
Beat Boxing for Beginners - Beat Boxing Course in India - MBMA

After completing our beatboxing course in Mumbai, the certified students can become Busker.

Beat Boxing Course in India - Top Music Institute in India - MBMA

The students have the career scope to pursue a career as vocal percussionists. So, they can associate themselves with the reliable group of beatboxers.

Beat Boxing Course for Beginners in India - MBMA

Beat Boxing for Beginners course will form a career scope to perform beatboxing in movie music like Bollywood and Hollywood.

Beat Boxing Institute in India - MBMA

MBMA students can seek career opportunities to collaborate with professional artists.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is beat boxing easy to learn?

Beatboxing is easy to learn if you daily practice. One can become excellent fast learner if they know the basic fundamentals of beatboxing.

How do you beatbox like a pro for beginners?

You can beatbox like a pro for beginners by following the steps below:

  • Learn basic beat-boxing sound.
  • Master the easy beatboxing sounds.
  • Learn the techniques of intermediate beatboxing.
  • Singing and beatboxing.
  • Learn the patterns of beatboxing

How much time does it take to learn to beatbox?

At first, you need to practice the basics. Then, combine them with your own beats. It takes 2 to 3 months on average.