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Top 10 Easiest Instruments for Beginners on a Budget

Top 10 Easiest Instruments for Beginners on a Budget - MBMA

Do you have a strong desire to learn music? Are you out of budget to purchase expensive instruments? Well! There are affordable instruments for beginners that are easy to master.

It is not compulsory to invest in expensive instruments. Let me tell you, everyone has limited time and energy. Certain instruments are affordable. But they are not interesting and may lack the expected quality.

Your motive should be to select the suitable instrument that meets budget, and quality. In addition, suits your interest in the long run. Online sources and inexperienced people might give you false information.

We have conducted 48 hours of research and interviews with top music experts. We have gathered genuine information to help you make the right decision. So, scroll down for the top easy and affordable instrument.

Easy Instruments to Learn for Beginners

Knowledge of easy instruments for musicians is essential to influence your buying decisions. It should meet your interest and sustainability in the long run. The prices vary depending on the brands in the market.  

1. Recorder

Before you decide to play the flute, we suggest you buy a recorder. It is an easy instrument for beginners. And the design of the holes is different from the flute.

You need to possess fingering skills to start playing. Compare to the flute, you need to use less of your lung stamina.

In addition, it is vital to have tongue skills with gentle mouth force. Ensure to cover the recorder’s holes with your finger pads. Lastly, mouth and body position contribute to the quality of sound produced.  

2. Tambourine

Many people do not have a passion for Tambourine because it lacks appeal. It is not attractive and classic as the piano, and guitar. In folk music, it is one of the crucial instruments.

The tambourine is one of the best instruments for beginners due to its budget-friendliness. It is part of the choir in the catholic church. Tambourine is easy to play as it needs a few basic skills.

It is vital to know to hold this instrument as it is noisy. Always hold the tambourine with your non-dominant hand. So, do not underestimate the value of any instrument by its appeal.

3. Acoustic Guitar

Some music experts consider that acoustic guitar is one of the most difficult instruments for beginners. Let me tell you, you cannot become a pro overnight.

Becoming a pro is the outcome of consistent learning and practice. You need to start with the fundamental techniques of playing guitar.

Mastering finger flexibility is the key skill in acoustic guitar. The position of the fingering will determine the quality and frequency of notes & scales. You will find ease in reading musical notes due to the tablature format. 

4. Ukulele

If you are not confident about playing guitar, you should try playing the Ukulele instrument. It is a fun instrument for beginners that enables them to connect socially with people.

When you play this instrument with great enthusiasm, it brings smiles to the face of people. Ukulele is an easy instrument for beginners because it is small.

In addition, the fretboard is small. It does not put pressure on your neck. Ukelele has four strings and the guitar has six strings to handle while playing. Lastly, it is suitable for any song to entertain the audience.

5. Bongos

Bongos is one of the percussion instruments that are simple to perform. It is also a part of a solo performance. They are popular in Africa. Bongos are available in two sets.

They are drum sets. However, you do not need to invest your mind in handling various elements like a conventional drum.

You do not need sticks to confuse your mind. Bongos are easy instruments for beginners to play. It only needs your hand skills in producing the sound. 

6.  Violin

Learning the violin as an instrument for beginners can be challenging for grown-up adults. If you pick up the right notes, you will experience improvement in your hearing ability.

Violin is a comfortable instrument for beginners due to its small size. If classical music is your taste, then the violin is an easy and affordable instrument.

However, you will not produce a sound that is engaging and appropriate for the beginner. The key is to be patient and continue the daily practice. 

7.  Keyboard

The keyboard is an amazing instrument for beginners. You will develop a sense of harmony. In addition, it involves the process of learning to read music.

Once you master the keyboard, it will be easy to learn other instruments. You will see the rewards of your hard work in a short time.

In the long run, it teaches the art of creating own music. However, it might take years of practice to become a world-class professional. 

8.  Piano

A piano is an easy instrument for beginners. Moreover, you will find several suitable songs to entertain the audience. It is an effective way to introduce yourself to the music world. The notes are easy to learn due to their visibility. You will master treble and bass clefs.

The piano is not a cheap instrument for musicians. And consumes more space at home. But you will find budget-friendly pianos in the market.

9. Electronic drums

For instance, you decide to take drumming as an instrument. Then, electronic drums are the best option. They are easy to play and manage to compare to the conventional drum set. You will not experience more noise.

The set consists of a kick drum, pads, and a drum module. The key advantage is that you can measure your drumming sample. Furthermore, you can record your electronic drum performance in the recording studio.

10. Harmonica

Harmonica is not only popular in cartoons, but it is a versatile instrument. In earlier years, the instrument was used in blues.

Now, you will find its scope in every genre of music. The neatness of the harmonica will allow you to easily grasp the notes.

Let me tell you, it takes hours to learn the basics. However, it takes months to be exceptional. The harmonica is a suitable instrument for beginners. It is because they smash the party with basic skills. 

Bottom Line

We are delighted that you have known about the easy and affordable instruments for beginners. However, you need to maintain the balance between price, quality, and interest.

You need to consider this balance before your investment in any instrument. If you want to professionally master the keyboard, guitar, piano, and drums, join MB music academy.

It is the first career-oriented academy in India. So, take a step to kick-start your career by visiting our official website: https://mbmusicacademy.org.