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Top 12 Easy Steps: How to Start Rapping for Beginner

Top 12 Easy Steps: How to Start Rapping for Beginner - MBMA

Do you have a goal of becoming a famous rapper? Do you struggle to start your rap career? Well! Rapping is a significant part of Hip-hop music. However, there are essential steps of rapping for beginners.  

The process starts with picking up the pen, book, microphone, and recording. Rap music is complex and time-consuming. When you search on the internet or ask experienced rappers, the information might not be reliable. 

To turn your dream into reality, we have formed the easy and effective steps of rapping for beginners. Why trust us over other sources or people? We have obtained genuine information from the top experienced rappers in the industry. So, scroll below to know more.

How To Start Rapping for Beginners?

You might struggle in your rap music career although you possess the natural skill of rapping. Let me tell you, the below steps to start rapping for beginners will make your learning process easy and fast.

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with Different Styles and Techniques

For instance, you like rap music. Then, you are a fan of freestyle rapping. Generally, we listen to our favorite artists and click on replay several times. But it is a mistake for rapping for beginners. 

We recommend you explore new hip-hop artists. So, you can learn new styles of rapping that are currently trending. Over the years, the style of rap music has been revolutionized. 

Step 2: Practice Freestyling and Improvisation

Once you made the strong habit of listening to freestyle rap music, form beats without any lyrics. Play instruments with your skills and feel the music. 

Next, take tentative measures towards freestyle. Repeat the same line of the lyric and develop a new suitable rhyme.  

Step 3: Write your Own Lyrics

Writing your original lyrics is an integral part of rapping for beginners. At the initial stage, it is okay to copy some words from the other artist’s lyrics. 

The aim is to be unique to gain a fanbase. To master the ways of writing lyrics, you need to read books to get inspired. Moreover, you will get the ideas of rhyming words. You can write rap explaining your real-life stories. 

Otherwise, you can express the real-life experiences of others. Emotions in the lyrics are vital to writing the best rap lyrics.

Step 4: Find your Own Voice and Style

Discovering your voice and rap music style will help you in your career or business. Certainly, you need to listen to the other rappers in your local areas. Keep in mind, learn from the finest. 

Make a note of trending words that today’s youth appreciate and listen to in their free time. Creativity is the key to achieving your style and voice in rap music.

Step 5: Work on your Delivery and Flow

For instance, you start to write lyrics. Then, you need to start practicing the lyrics loudly to identify your flow of rapping. 

You need to also work on your pronunciation. When you sing your original lyrics, add a melody to complete the entire rap song. Over time, you experience development in your rap flow.

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Step 6: Invest in the Right Equipment and Software

Investment in the right audio interface is necessary for rapping for beginners. Remember, the microphone will not plug inside the computer due to the XLR system of the plugin. 

An audio interface is compatible with the USB of the computer. Whereas, the mic is connected to the audio interface. You can download free software for rapping. 

The most popular software is audacity and reaper. You can use the best software for a trial of 60 days. 

Step 7: Learn About Music Production

Music production is the process of creating original beats. It starts with writing original rap lyrics and ends with mastering the tracks. Learning music production will give an idea of the expectations of the music producers. 

Once the music producer’s demand is met, they will sign you in the recording studio. Moreover, you will improve your rapping style and flow with in-depth knowledge of music production. 

Step 8: Collaborate with Other Artists and Producers

If you want to learn the best rap music kills, associate yourself with the different producers and artists. The rap professionals will correct or give feedback on your performance. 

You can improve your rap skills based on their feedback. Consider the feedback from genuine people. Collaborate with established artists to gain more followers or fans.  

Step 9: Work on your Stage Presence and Live Performance skills

It is important to perform on-stage to improve your confidence level. Moreover, you will connect with people and have more fan-following. 

Your network will be developed depending on your quality of performance. It will be easy to market yourself for any event or function once you gain popularity. 

Step 10: Promote your Music and Build a Following

If you are confident about your ram music performance, record it. Then, post it on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

For instance, your rapping music videos get more views. Then, you will have more online followers. Today, posting content on social media has gained popularity. Build your online presence to more your unique work of music. 

Step 11: Learn About the Business Side of the Music Industry

The rap music business is challenging. It is about hustle rather than a 9 to 5 job. You need to know about investment and financial management in the rap business. 

If you have a manager and other stuff, you need to pay them. Contacting the right person at the right is crucial in the music industry.

Step 12: Find a Mentor or Join a Community of Other Aspiring Rappers

Having a music mentor for the rap business is essential. He will know your strength and weakness. Once the weaknesses are identified, he can find solutions to work on them. 

The experience of a music mentor can help to improve your rap music skills. You can also join a community of rappers. In joining so, you will learn and enhance your rap techniques. You will boost your confidence to perform better.


Becoming a professional rapper is easy if you follow the above steps for rapping for a beginner. Remember, you will face a lot of challenges. The key is to never give up and keep moving forward.

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