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10 Steps to Start Your Successful Music Career

10 Steps to Start Your Successful Music Career - MBMA

Do you have the desire to develop a music career in vocals or instrumentation? Are you confused to start your learning journey? Well! You need to follow effective steps with discipline and consistency.

You will get a lot of information online. But, knowing and selecting the reliable steps of learning is time-consuming. If the information is wrong, it will lead to a waste of time and energy.

The music industry has evolved in technology over the years. In addition, competition has become stiff in the music industry. So, building the best music career is challenging.  

We have formed the steps in this article with the help of top music experts. Thus, investing in years of research on how to start a music career? Scroll down for effective steps to begin your musical journey.  

10 Steps to Start Your Successful Music Career

Today, every beginner in music is in search of steps or processes to effectively develop a music career. The below steps will walk you through developing your basic skills, building yourself as a Brand, recording and promoting your unique music.   

Step 1: Set Goals

If you want to start the musical journey, ask a question to yourself. Does music interest you or do you just want to develop your music career to survive? So, to develop a successful music career, setting a SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goal is the first step.

Next, break the major goals into smaller goals. The smaller goals can be an improvement in your skills, confidence, learning, etc. You need to have an effective action plan for achieving your final objective.

In addition, set a timeline for each smaller goal with the expected outcome. If outcomes do not meet your expectations, take steps to improve.

Step 2: Learn the Basics

Every interested individual in music is either willing to learn vocal or instrumentation in developing a music career. Some people have the desire to learn both. So, mastering music basics is key to developing a robust foundation for every beginner.

You might like to sing or play any instruments or practice both. It is important to focus on learning and improving the following basic elements of music:

  • Rhythm
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch
  • Form
  • Timbre
  • Melody
  • Harmony 

Step 3: Build Your Network

Every beginner needs established professionals to step into career success. So, it is impossible without developing a network with top artists, recording studios, music directors, etc.

Each year, music industry live events take place. So, you can participate in their workshops, conferences, and festivals. We are living in the generation of social media. So, use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your learned musical skills in the form of work.

You might have noticed the collaboration of artists or musicians makes a great music piece. It is an effective way to develop your music career.

Step 4: Create Your Music

Do you want to become famous in your music career? Then, creating your unique musical piece is the step. You will give value to the target audience by producing your music.

Most importantly, your music should create a powerful impact on the audience. The original music needs to be engaging. In doing so, you will generate more income due to more fanbase.

So, the primary steps in creating the music are:

  • Discover your musical style
  • Choose your instrument
  • Compose the music
  • Record your music professionally.
  • Collaborate with other music professionals.
  • Share and market your music. 

Step 5: Promote Your Music

Every musician wants their music to be famous. So, the idea is to establish yourself as a brand in the music industry. Creating a brand is not an overnight success. But you need continuous efforts even if you fail in your music career.

Use social medial platforms to share your art of music. Today, everyone has access to music streaming applications like Spotify, Tidal, and Apple music. So, release your music on such streaming platforms to reach a wider audience. 

Step 6: Perform Live

Performing live on-stage is the ideal opportunity to showcase your musical skills. Moreover, you will build your fanbase and on-stage presence.

If your performance is great, reputed music agencies will get in contact for business. Moreover, you will find an opportunity to work with other artists. 

Once you involve yourself in the stage performance, you will experience a boost in your confidence. Finally, you will achieve growth in your music career.

Step 7: Get Your Music Out There

Getting your music out is the key step to showcasing your talent to earn significant revenue. The audience like engaging and high-quality music. So, ensure that you put every skill and process to satisfy them. 

Produce and record music by working with music producers to develop your music career. Select the best music distributors to publish your music content online and offline.

Promote your music at events or on mass media. Release on a particular date and monitor the success in sales, streams, and downloads. 

Step 8: Get Paid

Every musician invests time, money, and energy in the instruments & learning. At the initial stage of your music career, you may feel that sharing music for free will gain more fans.

You will definitely achieve your result of gaining popularity. However, learn the art of becoming a paid musician. Otherwise, it is not a music career. Sharing your music freely, in the long run, is a loss. Furthermore, you need financial support to invest in the equipment to upgrade your performance.

You will get the finance from your music sales and live performance. Get paid to protect the intellectual property rights of your music. When fans pay, it is a way the music industry is valued and respected. 

Step 9: Take Care of Yourself

The life of the music business is about hustle instead of a 9 to 5 job. As a musician, good health is essential to learn and upgrading your musical skills. Moreover, you can perform on-stage or recording studio with full energy.

The goal is to eat healthy food and follow a 3 to 6 days of workout routine. In addition, sleep quality and duration have an impact on your health.

Mentality has a significant role in shaping a music career. Music demands creativity to create a powerful impact on the audience. So, indulge in hobbies and socializing. If you struggle with mental health, get professional help to recover. 

Step 10: Keep Going

When you begin your music career, you will experience ups and downs. You will receive positive and negative feedback from the fans at the live concert. There will be negative criticism on social media.

So, the key is to improve and keep moving forward in your career journey. Keep in mind, consider the feedback only from genuine people. You might take a break for health issues reason. But, never give up on your music career goals.

Bottom Line

We hope you will be confident to begin your music career journey with great zeal. You might be willing to learn vocals or instrumentation. Learning and growing in the music industry is a continuous process.

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