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Know the Important Difference between Western vs. Bollywood Music and Singing

Know the Important Difference between Western vs. Bollywood Music and Singing

Do you love singing? Are you confused to know the difference between western and Bollywood music? For instance, you want to develop your vocal career. Then, it is vital to understand the components that distinguish Bollywood music from western music.  

Seeking information online can be time-consuming. Moreover, you will procure a lot of data on knowing the difference. It will be quite difficult to identify reliable information. 

Asking people will lead to wrong information, negatively impacting your career decision. We have several years of experience in western and Bollywood music. So, trusting our information will benefit you in selecting a suitable career. Scroll down for more.

What is Bollywood Music? 

Bollywood music is also known as Hindi film songs depicting emotions like anger, love, happiness, hatred, motivation, etc. 

Bollywood music is connected to the movie scenes to express the storyline. Thus, have an emotional connection with the audience. It portrays the cultural values of India through lyrics with music production. 

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Genres of Bollywood Music 

The genres of Bollywood music will help you to know the culture of Indian cinema. In the career of Bollywood singing, it is vital to express emotions based on Bollywood scenes.

1. Love

“Love” is the most important genre of Bollywood music. If you surf on Google or YouTube, you will find countless songs based on romance.

2. Patriotic

Patriotic songs portray the positive spirit of the Indian nation. The Bollywood patriotic songs convey the important message,” Unity in diversity has a powerful strength.” They are not ordinary songs, but emotions that remind us of being proud Indians.

3. Friendship

Some songs portray true companionship. You will find a popular song,” Yeh Dosti” in Bollywood music. Friends are a part of our life. You can sing a song to express friendship if you have deep trust.

4. Heartbreak

Many times, people experience breaks up in their relationships in India. In such circumstances, they need peace in their heart and mind. So, they listen to heartbreak songs of Bollywood.

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What is Western Music? 

Western music is defined as the art of work from western countries. It is the organized form of combined vocals and instruments. And western music depicts the nationality of western countries. 

You will western music schools or academies in European and North American countries. The different eras of western music are medieval (500 to 1400), renaissance (1400 to 1600), baroque (1600 to 1750), classical (1750 to 1820), romantic (1820 to 1900), and modern (1900 to present).

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Genres of Western Music 

If you like to develop a career in western music, it is crucial to understand the genre. Then, you can select the genres that you like the most. They should also suit your vocal skills.

1. Blues

Blues western music originated from Africa in the era of 18th to 19th centuries. In such a period, Africans were slaves in America. They sang blues that made their life simple. Hence, the music is sad and slow. In the 1940s, blues revolutionized. Thus, adding various instruments.

2. Western Classical Music

Western Classical Music originates from Europe. It came into existence between 1750 to 1830. The prime focus is on classical symphonies and opera singing. It needs the patience to appreciate western classical music.

3. Rock and Roll Music

Rock and roll music is a combination of Rhythms & Blues (R&B), western swing, and country dance music. The beats are like blues and R&B but include the melody of country music. Elvis Presley is accountable to make the Rock and roll genre music popular.

4. Pop Music

Pop music is liked by most of the world’s population. Individuals enjoy listening to its dance and rhythm. It gained the mainstream in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Michael Jackson is the king of pop. Pop music is easy to understand and enjoy because it uses familiar melodies & chords.

5. Hip-hop

Hip-hop is trending among today’s youths. It has become popular in the 21st century with hit albums and chartbuster songs. Hip-hop was founded in the 1970s. Today, it has a strong influence on pop music culture.

6. Jazz

Jazz music is a combination of western classical, blues, European harmony, and African music. It came into existence in the late 19th century. The attributes are similar to Hindustani classical music. It is a piece of combinations and improvisation of rhythms.

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What is the Difference Between Bollywood and Western Music? 

Many times, the vocalist gets confused to select an option between western and Bollywood music. Understanding the difference will help you to make the right decision. Finally, you can develop a career in it.

1. Instruments

The instruments used in Bollywood are Tabla, Veena, Tanpura, Sitar, and Harmonium. In the west music, popular instruments are the keyboard, violin, wind blow instruments, drums, and guitar.

2. Popularity

Western music is popular across the globe and it is appreciated by most of the world’s population. Whereas, Bollywood is popular in India. Today, Bollywood is getting its way out in foreign countries. 

3. Structure

The key structure of Bollywood music is Alap, Jhor, Bandish, and Jhala. Every structure has its various roles in Bollywood music. The structure of western music includes Ternary, Rondo, Variational, Medley, Binary, and Sonata-allegro.

4. Production

Bollywood music production mainly takes place in India. Thus, mixing, and mastering the beats of Indian classical. Today, even western music has a strong influence on Bollywood music culture. 

The production of western music takes place in North America and European countries. It will have instrumentation in the mixing, mastering, and editing process.

5. Genre

The genre of Bollywood music is based on Romance, Heartbreak, Patriotism, and Friendship. The genre of western music is Jazz, Pop, Hip-hop, Rhythms & Blues, Blues and Rock, and Roll.

6. Audience

The audience of Bollywood music is from India. In terms of western music, the audience is from United Kindom, the United States, and Europe. And it is more popular across the globe than any music genre. 

7. Vocals

The voice in western vocals is baritone, bass, soprano, mezzo-soprano, and alto. And it ranges from low to high. In Bollywood music, the vocals mix with global techniques of music. Thus, portraying the emotions like love, anger, happiness, and motivation based on film scenes.

8. Lyrics

The structure of the lyrics is Intro, verse, and chorus. The lyrics of Bollywood music are in Hindi. So, it targets the Indian audience. Western music targets mainly the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Bottom Line 

We will be delighted to see your vocal career a great success. Now, know the difference between Bollywood music and Western music with its styles and genres. This knowledge will help you to choose the right path. However, it is vital to learn and experiment both to know your suitability.

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