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Voice it Like a Pro


“Voice it like a pro” is a professional course in our MB music academy. When the students enrol in our western vocal course, it is the way to their professional careers. 

MBMA students will get exposure to western vocals fundamentals. Thus, developing the right skills with an extensive learning program. 

This course is packed with advanced techniques from the best singers and trainers. The students will possess their unique style and space of singing in our music classes in India.

Advanced Vocal Techniques - Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA
  • In our western vocal classes, MBMA students will practically learn to have proper breath control. They will also get exposure to different essential vocal exercises and techniques.
  • The students will discover and embrace their unique voices by attending our regular western vocal training.
  • MB music academy students will learn the best exercises to maintain their vocal health.
  • The students will learn the art of singing vowels with the best methods in our western vocal classes in India. It will help them to improve their tone quality. Moreover, reduce the strain on vocal cords.
  • MBMA students will have clear and melodious voice after attending our western singing classes.
  • They will achieve a competitive edge in singing due to our best vocal exercises.
  • In our best music academy, the students will be dynamic in their vocal skills. Thus, improving confidence in performing in front of the target audience. 
  • The students will master the practical tips in our professional western vocal course. Thus, becoming a ultimate performer. In addition, they will promote themselves in the market.
Topic Covered
Breath and support mood
Your Tones
Your Vocal Health
Developing Mixed Vocal Skills
Learning about Vocal Practice
Sibilants & Syncopation with Vowels & Consonants
In & Out: Singing a Song
Breath and support mood
Your Tones
Your Vocal Health
Developing Mixed Vocal Skills
Learning about Vocal Practice
Sibilants & Syncopation with Vowels & Consonants
In & Out: Singing a Song
Prerequisites of the Course

The students need to have basic and advanced skills in vocals.

Western Vocal - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA
Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MBMA is the top music academy in India. Our educational system has career oriented music courses.
  • Our faculty believes in a practical approach to learning with theoretical concepts. 
  • The experts of the music academy have an association with the Bollywood industry.
  • Besides having western singing classes online, we also focus on conducting music programs for schools.
  • Our content contains assignments, pictures, and demonstration videos to encourage the best learning. 
Career Scope after the course completion
Career as Playback Singer in Bollywood - Advanced Western Vocal Course - MBMA

After completing this course, MBMA students will have career opportunities in Bollywood. They can become playback singers.

Fundamental of Western Vocal Course online in India - MBMA

They will have excellent career scope in collaborating with various artists worldwide.

Voice it Like a Pro - Western Vocal - MBMA

After passing out from our best music academy, the students can associate in the Opera to entertain the audience.

Western Vocal Course - Top Musical Institute in India - MBMA

They can join the band or sing on the cruise ship to earn a decent income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Sing Like a Pro?

You can sing like a pro by maintaining the proper body posture. Practice daily vocal exercises and techniques to improve tone quality. Sing the notes by extending your abdominal muscles.

How Do you Sing Like a Soloist?

Firstly, select your vocal range as per suitability. Regularly practise memorizing your song with music. It is vital to be hydrated and relaxed. When it is your time, you will give a robust performance to the audience.

What Should I say About a Good Voice?

A good voice will connect emotionally with the target audience on stage. Great vocal performers have control over their vocal pitch and overall performance.