MB Music Academy - MBMA

Rapid Rappers

Rapid Rappers - RAP Course in India - MBMA

This is a unique short-term course that will introduce the art of writing and create a rap with various techniques.

Becoming a trainer

Enroll top Music for Wellness Training of Trainers Course in India - MBMA

“Becoming a trainer” is a music therapy training program for instructors and trainers. They will learn to use it to support meditation, healing, and well-being in our MB music academy.

Music for Self-Healing

Music For Healing Course in India - MBMA

“Music for Self-Healing” is a music therapy course. And it is ideal for students who want to use music to heal their pain. This course is designed keeping in mind,” The students will not have any idea?”

Easy Intro to DJ

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA

DJing has become one of the most lucrative career options in the music industry.

Keyboard Easy

Piano - Keyboard Course in India - MBMA

“Keyboard Easy” is a specialized short-term course in our MB music academy. The students will get a deeper understanding of various styles and patterns on keyboards.

Meet Mr. Guitar

Best Guitar Course in India - MBMA

Meet Mr. Guitar is a short introductory guitar course. It is ideal to start the student’s musical journey with this beautiful instrument. The session content is easy to learn and implement in this guitar course for beginners.

Drum Roll

Best Drum Playing Course in India - MBMA

“Drum Roll” course is about mastering the basics of beats and filling in our MB Music academy. Moreover, the enrolled students will get exposure to developing the right base.

Vocal Magic

Advanced Vocal Techniques - Western Vocal Course in India - MBMA

“Vocal Magic” is a beginner’s western vocal training course. It is ideal for the students who like to sing their favorite songs. Our MB music academy’s experts will teach the concepts to train their voices and ear.