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Easy Intro to DJ


In today’s world, pursuing a DJ career is quite profitable in the industry. Easy Intro to DJ is career oriented music course that is power-packed with practical concepts of learning. 

In the DJ training course, our mentors will develop unique skills in the students. MB music Academy students will not only be well-versed with the equipment but create audience engagement by playing music. 

Our DJ course will involve the basics. Most importantly, basics are necessary if students want to kick-start their DJ career.

Best DJ Course in India - MBMA
  • The students will master the art of mixing songs in our DJ classes for beginners.
  • A student in a DJ learning course will have exposure to the finest equipments to manipulate musical rhythms and beats.
  • In DJ classes, MBMA students will get well-versed with the basic DJ skills in phrase matching, fading, and beats.  
  • They will practically learn the techniques to combine DJ hardware and software to create an engagement. 
  • Our mentors will teach the students about counting beats and phrases in music.
  • In our Easy Intro to DJ programme, students can operate an audio mixer to control audio signals.
  • The MBMA students will get well-equipped with the latest technology DJ equipment. 
  • They will practically learn the effective techniques of DJ turntables. Thus, creating audience engagement in our best music academy.
  • Our career oriented music course will help students to mix the songs creatively.
Topic Covered
Mastering basic DJ skills
Complete DJ setup
Exposure to DJ software
Learning DJ hardware
Techniques of mixing
Mastering basic DJ skills
Complete DJ setup
Exposure to DJ software
Learning DJ hardware
Techniques of mixing
Prerequisites of the Course
  • A student should be at least eight years old for enrolling in our DJ training course.
  • MBMA students need to own the basic DJ equipment and consoles for learning purposes.
Best DJ Training Course in India - MBMA
Best DJ Training Institute in India - MBMA
Unique Features: Why MBMA?
  • MB music academy focuses on specially designed music programs for schools along with an online system (Learning management system).
  • We are the first and best career oriented music academy in India. That makes use unique from other music schools.
  • Students from different backgrounds can progress fast in learning due to easy and engaging content.
  • Our team offers finest DJ courses for beginners to find opportunities in Bollywood and worldwide. 
  • We have assignments and demonstrations to encourage practical learning. 
Career Scope after the course completion
DJ Pro Skills and Techniques Course in India - MBMA

Easy Intro to DJ-certified students will have career opportunities and the potential to start a business through gigs.

DJ Professional Training Course in India - MBMA

They will have the scope to associate with other professional DJs. It will help them get recognition and grow in the industry.

DJ Training Course in India - MBMA

MBMA students can promote the nightclub events after completing our DJ courses for beginners

Career After DJ Training - Best Music Academy in India - MBMA

Our pass-out students will have a scope to become turntablist. So, they can engage the target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a beginner DJ start?

As a beginner, you can start the DJ with the following tips below: 

  • Learn the easy techniques of mixing.
  • Invest in the right DJ equipment as per your skills.
  • Ensure your daily practice.
  • Learn the ways to keep track of the beats.
  • Add the tunes you love to boost your passion.

How do DJs introduce themselves?

Introduce yourself on the stage performance to the audience. Thank your event attendees for having a positive attitude. Grow your connection on the social media platforms.