MB Music Academy - MBMA

Play like a Drummer

The focus of this course is to build better rhythmic sense & hand movements. It will also teach you to play complex rhythm patterns, skillfully!

Fundamentals of Western Vocal

This is short-term Western vocals course ideal for those who want to develop their knowledge of music and enhance their singing skills

Voice it Like a Pro

This is a Professional Western Vocals Certificate Course designed to provide the right skills and expertise to launch your music career.

Vocal Magic

What is Western Vocal Music? Best 8 Ways to Improve it - MBMA

In this short term course, you will learn about the various ways to train your ear and voice to be able to kick start your musical journey

Introducing Hindustani Classical

This course covers Hindustani Classical Ragas, Gharanas of music, the structure of Indian Classical Music, Swaras, Taals, note and pitch recognition