MB Music Academy - MBMA

Professional Drumming Techniques

This professional drum course will make sure that you hone the skills and master the techniques. With an ‘industry centric training’, it will cover a wide array of styles and structures.

Drumming like a Pro

The course covers all the required aspects of the instrument and the techniques to get you going into the future you dream of.

Play like a Drummer

The focus of this course is to build better rhythmic sense & hand movements. It will also teach you to play complex rhythm patterns, skillfully!

Drum Roll

The beginner’s course is all about creating the right base. Learn the basics of beats & fills and the role of drums in music.

Advanced Guitar Skills

This course is designed to introduce aspiring guitarists to the basic theory of how scales, chords and rhythmic structures are created.

Play like a Performer

It focuses on building better rhythmic sense, harmony and chord structure. It will help you to play difficult melodies with different pulses and skills.

Keyboard Professional Techniques

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This is an advanced level keyboard learning course that is designed to help you develop a strong command over this instrument.

Keyboard Easy

It is a specialised short term course to give you deeper understanding on various finder styles and patterns to play the keyboards.