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Why Should You Learn to Play Drums? Top 11 Reasons

Why Should You Learn to Play Drums? Top 11 Reasons - MBMA

Do you daily suffer from stress? Do you want to improve your mental power? Then, play drums in your free time. It is fun to express your emotions to yourself and your audience.

In childhood, we banged our toys on the floor or chairs to make noise. It is because children love making noise. We have the instinct to make rhythmic noise. Let me tell you, the drum is easy to play as you need to follow the rhythm of the sound produced. 

Why trust our content over other resources? We have obtained this genuine information from professional drumming experts and psychologists. So, this article will walk you through the top benefits of playing drums.

How to Play the Drums? 

To play drums, you need to know the drum parts like a bass drum, Tom-tom, snare drum, Hi-hats, ride cymbal, and crash cymbal. In addition, you need to know their use. 

You need to know to adjust the drum, which will consume 10 to 15 minutes of your time. The adjustment involves tightening and release of wingnuts. Tuning is vital to ensure ideal sound. 

There are several methods. However, its foundation is the same. Counting while playing is essential to maintain time. Learn to read music to communicate with other musicians to become a professional drummer. 

Learn to hold the drumsticks. So, keep your hand position downward. It is essential to do warm-ups before practice or performance. The motive is to sound better. Thus, avoiding injuries to your hands.

What Are the Benefits of Learning to Play Drums? 

When you invest your time, money, and energy, you need to know the reasons to play drums. Learning the benefits will encourage you to take drum classes in your free time. 

The benefits below will motivate the current learners to improve their skills or techniques.

1. Self-Expression

Play drums to develop an ability to self-express creative ideas in music. Let me tell you, music is about creativity. 

Drumming involves implementing notes into music through coordination. So, the creative part of the brain gets activated. You emotionally connect with your fellow musicians and audience by self-expression of your passion & talent.

2. Play Cool Instruments

You can learn other instruments like clave, djembe, congas, triangle, buckets, and spoons when you play drums daily. The exposure to percussionist instruments is endless. It will give the feeling of” Cool.”

3. Reduce Stress

For instance, you daily practice playing drums in your free time. Then, you will be relieved of stress, depression, and anxiety. It boosts your mood even if you spend a few minutes playing basics. 

It is because the sound releases feel-good endorphins. So, attend drum classes part-time to find joy. In mental hospitals, drums are used as therapy music to heal the mind.

4. Improve Communication Skills

When you learn to play drums through training, you will develop the ability to communicate well with people. Moreover, you develop the skills to express ideas non-verbally. 

The benefit of playing the drum is learning how to read non-verbal cues. In addition, the ability to read between the lines. Thus, having clear communication with other musicians. 

5. Develop Confidence

If you regularly play drums, you will improve your confidence. You need to play in both volumes. It is loud and soft in the dynamic method. To play loud, you require courage. 

The key is to break complex patterns into small, and simple ones. Practice with consistency and discipline. Then, explore the challenging lessons in practice. Once you strongly believe in yourself, you can overcome any obstacle in life. 

6. Networking – Make New Friends

Daily, you will interact with people around you when you attend drum classes. Thus, resulting in companionship. They are also drummers. And you will share their new learning in drum classes. 

In the future, you may find opportunities together in a band. You will find many amazing people and develop your network with them.  

7. Boost Brain Power 

When you play drums, you coordinate all the limbs to work aggregately. Mostly, drummers are right-handed. If you are right-handed, your left hand is non-dominant. So, you need to use your mental abilities to function on the non-dominant side. 

The aim is to work for dominant and non-dominant hands together. In the process, the benefit of playing drums is that it boosts brain power. It activates the creative thought process. 

8. Lifelong Learning

If you want to play drums anywhere, there is no age restriction. You can continue to play drums as long as you are fit. When your learning is consistent, you will get many opportunities. Most importantly, you will achieve balance in your life.

9. Motor Skill Development

The benefit of playing drums is that your motor skills will be improved. What are motor skills? It is your body’s muscle movement to perform tasks. The common tasks are running, bike riding, and walking. 

The key is coordinating the brain, muscles, and nervous system to perform the task. In drum classes, you will experience improvement in your intelligence quotient and cognitive skills.

10. Get Fit

If you daily attend practical drum classes, you will reduce many calories. According to experts, an average drummer burns 270 calories in 30 minutes. Moreover, it strengthens your hands. To sum up, you will have an active and healthy lifestyle.   

11. Excel in Academic Performance

When a student learns to play drums, he performs well academically. It enhances vocabulary because musical reading notes involve finding emotional cues. 

So, the students need to possess creative thought processes for the same. Learning rhythm notation in drumming enables students to perform calculations and formulas with ease. 

Final Words 

We hope you understand the benefits of playing drums in the long run. When you play drum daily, you mentally become intelligent. Moreover, you become happy in your daily life. 

You become fit because your calorie is burned in every session of drumming. 

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