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Top 5 Popular Music Production Techniques

Top 5 Popular Music Production Techniques - MBMA

Know the 7 Top Popular Music Production Techniques to Grow Your Career

Are you a music producer or want to become one? Do you struggle to upgrade yourself to the next level? Then, certain music production techniques can boost your career.

As a learner or intermediate, you will get exposed to basic music production tools and techniques. However, you need to add additional unique methods to grab the spotlight.

It will help to establish yourself among the stiff competition in the market. Investment in top-notch music production tools is not enough. But mastering the top music production techniques enables you to become a star. 

The offline and online sources, like tips for music production, can be unreliable. So, we have procured the information from the top music producers in the industry. If you want to become a dynamic music producer, let us know the tips and tricks for music production techniques in the article.

What is Music Production? 

Music production is creating original music for the vocal recording artist. The activities involve beat-making, composing, editing, music direction, mixing, mastering, and recording. 

Next, publishing to the target audience through digital media like television, music applications, YouTube, etc.

In addition, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook contribute to digital marketing. Thus, reaching a wider audience.   

The music production professionals are sound engineers, instrumental musicians, music producers, vocalists, editors, etc.

The role of the music producer involves refining the music to make the music sound engaging. He alters the beats and rhythm through music production. Moreover, it mixes & masters different musical beats and lyrics. 

The goal is to form a unique music piece. Music producers are accountable for conducting jamming sessions with the group of professionals. 

They form beats for the singers in the Hip-hop, Bollywood, and R&B music genres. The music producers are the key artists in the genre of EDM (Electronic dance music).

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Top 7 Popular Music Production Techniques 

For instance, you want to become one of the finest music producers. Then, mastering these top music production techniques will ease your process. Consistent implementations are the key to developing your music production career.   

1. Sidechain Compression

Most commonly, you will face the challenges of frequency masking. It is the process where two instruments clash to form bass beats. The two instruments behind the singers are kick drums and bass beats. 

So, the solution is to include sidechain compression to the bass music in your music production techniques. It will eliminate the interference of kick drums to the base. After adding the sidechain compression, the base will be incredible. 

Ghost track is another method to use sidechain compression in music production techniques. The audience will not be able to recognize the difference. So, you can experiment with this music production to be creative. 

2. Re-sample

When you produce any new music, it consumes a lot of time and energy. In addition, it involves more financial investments. The efficient solution is to recreate your original piece. Thus, adding your creative music production techniques. 

Re-sample the music in your tracks that develops an emotional connection with the listeners. Popular artists use re-sampling in music production, like Chad Hugo, Pharrell, Asap Rocky, etc.

3. Pitch Shifting and Time Stretching Vocals

Shifting the pitching is nothing but pitch alteration without impacting the music speed. Time stretching plays the role of speed-changing in music production techniques. However, it does impact the pitch in the tracks. 

Your crucial motive is to combine time stretching and pitch shifting to form a unique musical piece. Time stretching serves technical goals. The speed should suit the vocal pitch.

4. Include Instrumental Creativeness

Many music producers stress the vocals in the chorus. However, you can add an instrumental hook to your music production techniques. 

For example, adding paper to your guitar. Then, playing the guitar in combination with tapping and hitting the paper. It makes unique beats that engage the audience. The incredible drum beats are enough from start to end that drives the listeners. 

5. Parallel Compression

It will sound fascinating if you get punchy drums in one of your music production techniques. So, adding parallel compression can benefit you in achieving the same. 

The key is to make your drum duplicate. You will observe powerful breathing dynamic sounds in the compressed form. Thus, maintaining clarity and rhythm. 

6. Gated Snare

The function of a gated snare is to silence the signal that interferes with the smooth music notes. For instance, several guitar professionals use this gated snare to eliminate the fuzz during recording. 

The musicians used a combination of reverb and gated snare in the 1980s in their music production techniques. The discovery of a gated snare was made by accident in 1979.

7. Reverse Reverb

Reverse reverb is the part of the instrument. It has gained popularity in music production techniques since the 1960s. You can listen to the reverse reverb in the songs like Ten Little Indians and Sheep. 

In today’s era, it is utilized to make the vocal notes dramatic. When you know reverse reverb, it sounds complex to produce the music. Another option is to drag the vocal piece inside the DAW.

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What Is the Best Music Production Software? 

Over time, there has been an evolution in music production software. So, there are several softwares in the market. For instance, you want to produce top-notch tracks through music production techniques. Then, it is vital to invest in the best music production software.

We consider audacity as the best music production software. It has brilliant features. In addition, it is free online that can be used in your music production. 

Audacity software is essential for beginners in their music production techniques. It is simple to use, having 16, 32, and 64 bits. Audacity is universal to all computers like MAC and Windows. The cons are that it lacks new advanced editing tools. And the appearance is outdated. 

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We hope you understand the finest music production techniques in the tracks. However, you need to improvise on the above methods by adding hooks. Investing in music production tools for unique and engaging beats is vital.   

Why wait? Join our MB music academy to master the top music production techniques. The production courses are categorized into beginners, Young maestros, Advanced, and professional. 

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