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Top 11 Reasons Why Every DJ Needs to Learn Ableton Live

Top 11 Reasons Why Every DJ Needs to Learn Ableton Live - MBMA

Are you a well-renowned DJ or a learning DJ? Do you struggle to play unique and engaging music? Then, learn and play DJ with Ableton to give a robust performance to your audience.

So, why learn Ableton if you are well-versed in playing DJ? Let me tell you, Ableton is a versatile and fascinating tool. Producing your mashups, remixes, and demo mix is essential.

We have spent many hours of research to accumulate truthful information. So, this article will discuss the reasons to learn Ableton for professional DJs. If you ignore the same, you will miss the beneficial information. So, scroll down for more.

What Is DJ? 

DJ is a music professional who plays recorded music to the audience at various events or functions. He does it for income. The DJ professionals add remixes and mashups to the original version of the songs.

They aim to make the music exciting and draw the audience’s attention. In addition, they play suitable music as per venues.

DJs showcase their performances in Clubs, restaurants, concerts, weddings, radio stations, recording studios, sports events, etc.

As per the crowd’s preference, they play various genres of music like Bollywood, rock, hip-hop, and dance with their DJ skills. The DJs market themselves through social media platforms.

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Top 11 Reasons Why Every DJ Needs to Learn Ableton Live 

You need strong reasons when you invest your time and money in mastering DJ with Ableton live. Knowing them will drive the motivation and confidence to explore more. So, continuous learning in the long run, will help you generate and grow income.

1. Playing DJ with Ableton Alongside your Usual DJ Gear

If you play only Ableton Live DJ, you will not have access to more functions. Moreover, you would not be flexible. The idea is not to follow the fixed playlist.

However, you need to change the beats per the audience’s moods and events. Always use the combination of DJ Ableton live and traditional DJ gears like Serato and Traktor.

2. For Creating Mashups and Edits

The effective way to start playing DJ with Ableton is to start with something simple. So, you learn from simple to advanced techniques for DJ with Ableton.

The easiest way is to start with mashups and edits. You can break the track down with Ableton live if the track is long.

3. Creating demo mixes and podcasts

With the help of DJ with Ableton live, you can do podcasts and demo remixes. Then, you can share the same with your clients or clubs. Ableton detects the Midi player for accurate set-up.

It also helps in the setting of equalizers and other effects. The warping feature in Ableton functions in a beat grid with your DJ with Serrato and Traktor.

4. No more beatmatching

The most significant feature of DJ with Ableton live is warping because it efficiently manages the track tempo. Generally, DJs blend the original song with their beats one after another.

After adding a second tempo, it relates to the third song. The warping system in Ableton live eliminates this process.

The tracks will not set the tempo, but DJ will have the control to set the tempo. And DJ with Ableton live plays all the track tempos.

Ableton live not only helps to regulate speed but solves problems in the original songs. Performing mixing on a turntable would result in confusion and despair. If you use DJ with Ableton, you can set the tempo at the ideal time. Thus, making it sound engaging.

5. Easily edit recorded live sets.

For instance, you prefer to produce a song mix for the club. Then, you can only record audio and spend a lot of hours. If you can not control the transition, you will stop the recording process and start again.

In terms of DJ with Ableton, it records at the time of clips. Moreover, you can track time, volumes, and effects on tracks. The details are sent to the arrangement view.

You do not need to be concerned if you fluff a transition by getting one bar prior. You can move at another arrangement view to move the song to the appropriate place.

Moreover, you can spice it up with an equalizer setting for the promo mix. Ensure the most acceptable content is shared with the promoters of the events.

6. For making your tracks

If you aim to produce original music, DJ with Ableton live is one of the best options. Keep in mind you cannot use Serrato or Traktor in it. However, it has DAW to create your original track.

When you are well-versed with the DJ with Ableton live, the learning will be essential for music production. You will have expertise in the Ableton live interface.

After you form your unique track on Ableton live, you can review it. Later, integrate them with your DJ tools. You must trigger the proper clip to produce your original remixes and mashups.

7. Warping (Disclaimer: It rocks!)

The warping system in Ableton in DJ is essential to beat the grid. So, you can perform the creative beats by stretching and modification. You can do the mixing with ease.

For instance, you have hip-hop music to play on DJ with Ableton live. So, you can add soul, disco, and classic funk. This software can allow the track tempo to change.

8. Controlling External Gear

Besides DJ and Ableton software, DAW is essential hardware. Ableton live enables control of the other external equipment like samplers, groove boxes, drum machines, and synths.

Over the years, affordable hardware has been available in the market. So, you can try the different external gears to produce great sounds.

9. Preparing sets

Ableton live is beneficial for experimenting with various music samples. So you can select the samples that work best. You can drag your files on the session of Ableton.

Then, you can enable the crossfader by clicking on buttons A and B. You can do different mixing of the melodies and adjust the pitch.

If the track is uncertain, you can add more audio files to adjust in a different direction. Finally, the DJ with Ableton can try on more creative ideas.

10. Performing live DJ sets

Ableton Live is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) developed for live performance. It is unique from traditional DJs like Serrato and traktor.

You will find a digital interface rather than a virtual DJ. However, you can create limitless effects on the tracks on DJ with Ableton live.

The warping features allow the mixing of all kinds of music. Moreover, you can incorporate other instruments like drum kits, acapella, loops, etc.

11. For playing entirely live sets

Several DJ professionals desire to produce their originals to present them to the public. You need to develop the components of the music and control their pitch.

When you own DJ with Ableton, you don’t need a lot of external gear. Ultimately, you need a laptop and sound system for performance.

Bottom Line 

We will be delighted if you play DJ with Ableton live. It is because you will have more options to mix and control the tempo. Many DJ externals can be connected with Ableton live to give brilliant performances to your audience.

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