MB Music Academy - MBMA

Play like a Drummer

The focus of this course is to build better rhythmic sense & hand movements. It will also teach you to play complex rhythm patterns, skillfully!

Fundamentals of Western Vocal

This is short-term Western vocals course ideal for those who want to develop their knowledge of music and enhance their singing skills

Play like a Performer

It focuses on building better rhythmic sense, harmony and chord structure. It will help you to play difficult melodies with different pulses and skills.

Exploring DJ with Traktor

The Traktor DJ is a powerful course for anyone who wants to launch themselves as a DJ and become successful.

DJ with Serato

The DJ Serato Junior Course 35 Sessions is the ideal course for those who want to learn DJing from the basics and become a performer.

Keyboard-Play & Perform

Top 8 helpful Reasons for Learning Instruments - MBMA

The objective of this short-term introductory course is to familiarise you with the keyboard and the fundamentals of the instrument.

Exploring DJ

The DJ junior course is designed to take you through an in-depth understanding of the art and craft of DJing, its equipment, and creative possibilities.