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10 Best Piano Playing Practice Tips Every Student Should Know

10 Best Piano Playing Practice Tips Every Student Should Know - MBMA

Do you struggle to practice piano? Do you want to become a successful professional pianist? Well! Implementing effective piano practice tips is the key. 

You will get many learning processes of piano from online and offline sources. Moreover, you will find several music teachers with courses. 

There are options for even private tutors with hefty fees. 

However, it is challenging to find the best teachers and reliable information. If the process is not useful, it wastes time, energy, and money. 

Why trust us over other sources and teachers? Let me tell you we have conducted 48 hours of research with top piano professionals. So, this article will walk you through the best tips for playing piano. 

The 10 Best Piano Practice Tips for Students 

Whether a beginner, intermediate, or professional, you invest your time, money, and energy in practicing piano lessons. The proper important techniques can make you a star in a couple of months. So, know and implement the below piano practice tips. 

1. Bust out the Metronome

Slow down the musical piece using a metronome to effectively learn piano. It will help to keep track of the time signature. 

Moreover, develop the proper phase for the beats. Some written music pieces are challenging to learn. So, the key is to slow down and play it with the original phase. 

2. Fix the Bad Habits

Let me tell you, no one becomes excellent at the initial stage of practicing piano pieces. However, you will get irritated when facing challenges. 

Do not give up and move ahead towards another part. So, invest your time and effort in getting it right. The body posture, like fingering techniques, will take time. So, fix the bad posture to get benefits in the long run.

3. Start and End with Fun.

When you learn piano, ensure that you select your favorite song. Practice something you love. Automatically, your hard work and commitment will show to entertain the audience. You will experience a boost in your confidence level. 

4. Keep a Good Posture.

When you attend piano classes online or offline, you will notice that body posture contributes to becoming a pro. Maintaining a straight posture while sitting in front of the piano is significant. 

Adjust the bench or sit according to your height and comfort. Ensure that the fingers and wrist are relaxed. Remember to cross-check your body posture before piano practice or live performance. 

5. Set a Clear Goal in Mind

For example, you only try to learn piano without setting goals. Then, you will not master the techniques of playing the piano. You need to set goals that are achievable within a specific timeline. 

Your commitment should motivate you to overcome challenges, even if there are challenges. To achieve significant desirable results, complete the baby steps. 

Next, keep track of every little progress and monitor. It will help you to upgrade your piano skills. 

6. Practice Fundamentals

Making your basic panic strong is quite crucial to master advanced techniques. So, allow sometime like 15 minutes to practice your basics. 

The daily repetition will make your piano fundamentals robust. Furthermore, you will develop an ability to technical piano notes like nothing. 

7. Imitate, then Innovate

For instance, you like a particular song. Then, select the song to play on the piano. Your motive should be to make it better. You will add your creative piano skills and ideas in the process. So, your talent is defined, and you can improvise more consistently. 

8. Listen to New Genres and Artists.

In today’s digital era, we easily have access to new music and artists. You need to have a list of top pianists to learn their techniques. 

Search on sources like Google, Instagram, and YouTube. Make some time to listen to their music. In doing so, you will be inspired to practice and perform well. 

9. Warm-up

Warm-up before practicing piano can be tedious. However, avoiding the same can lead to carpal tunnel and tendonitis. Give 15 minutes of your time to warm up. Otherwise, you will end up in pain for months.

If you practice daily warm-up, you will achieve the incredible flow of playing music on the piano. Moreover, you will master technical music with ease.

10. Take a Regular Break

After you practice the piano basics for 15 minutes, take a short break. If you constantly play music, you get overwhelmed. Furthermore, you may lose interest, and creative ideas will stop flowing in your mind. 

Taking breaks in between the piano practice sessions is vital to recovering from hand pain. Your mind will be relaxed to practice the other sessions efficiently. 

Breaks can be in minutes, hours, or days. However, do not such long breaks that will degrade your piano-playing skills.

11. Be patience

Being patient is the key attribute to achieving success in any area. Everything takes time. So, you cannot be a professional pianist overnight or monthly. Depending on your learning phase, it might take a few months to a year. 

Many times, you will struggle to master technical musical pieces. In such circumstances, you need to be patient by giving more time to practice. 

Even piano veterans struggle to play some pieces on the piano. However, they keep moving ahead with practice instead of giving up. 

12. Eliminate Distractions

Keep in mind distractions are everywhere. But you have a choice to avoid them. Do not take it with your family while practicing piano lessons. 

Practice in place alone with pin-drop silence. Ensure that the television or outside does not reach your piano practice room. The worst distraction is your cell phone. So, keep your phone away in a silent mood.

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We are delighted that you know the practical tips for playing piano. Now, implementing them as per your daily schedule is depended on you. Remember, getting familiar with these tips will take time. So, patience is the key.

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